Correct 2 misunderstandings of statements about studying Taiwan!

Today I’ve received the admission permit from Chang Gung University. Thank God! It’s here. I’m almost exhausted by waiting for it because I found my name in Admission List by the beginning of December. I even imaged that my permit could be lost in somewhere.

During the waiting time, I was thinking about many things like if  I could afford this course or the school would admit me. So that I did what everyone does when wonder something: looking at the internet. I started researching universities, criteria for application and programs available. But when you want to understand something, online resources is not enough, so I discussed my intend with anyone as much as I can from my parent (of courses) and relatives to friends and acquaintances.

After processing all the information I got, I realised that my “living resources” almost deprived from the online one. One of the useful advices I gain is from a Taiwanese alumni. Her advice seems to break many things I and many people claimed before. Here are some of them:

1. My colleagues think I’m definitely cramming Chinese right now!
The truth is I’m learning some Chinese, but not crammed with it. I apply for an English course, so as I know all my subjects will be taught and examined by English.
“Don’t worry too much about the Chinese! When you live in Rome, you will speak like the Romans” – the alumni said.
However, it doesn’t mean learning Chinese is useless for me, I still need it to adapt with life on campus. According to her, I should learn enough to understand some basic situations such as saying hello, sorry or asking for help, etc. Because an elementary Chinese course is always offered for overseas students in universities.

2. My friend claim that I must have brought a stack of clothes!
Well, Taiwan becomes a favoured departure of many Vietnamese tourists because of its beautiful landscapes. So I should bring many kinds of garment from top to toe like cocktail skirt, prom dress, high heel.
But the advice I got is “Don’t bring any kind of shoes except sneaker, unless you want to sabotage them by long steep roads. Almost universities in Taiwan are located in hill areas”

Actually, I’m collecting information about Taiwan life so these advices are true or not, I’m so grateful for them.

P/s: I still wait for another admission permit from Yuan Ze University. Hope it can be here soon!

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