From Anna with Love <3

Dear my roommates,

I am writing this letter to personally thank you guys for all your help. I do depend a lot on you when I am in Taiwan.
Fica, you were the first one I met when I came and the last one standing by me when I left. I always remember your kindness. I wish nothing but the best for you and your family.
Please send my thanks to your friends who treated me well. Because of you I think I start loving Indonesian.
Victoria, I am really thankful to know that I have such a nice friend who always cares about me without any purpose. I learned from you a lot.
It’s very difficult to find a true friend in today’s life, but lucky me, I have two of you. I have always thought you as my sweet roommates, my good friends. I am taking this opportunity to thank you for supporting me when I was in a new place, alone and do not know anything. I am grateful to you that you guys were there to give strength and hope to me whenever I need it. I hope I can equally be of any help and support when you need me the most.


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