Taiwanese Food Note (Part1): Beef Noodle and some surprises

This is a note for food lovers and anyone wants to discover Taiwanese cuisine. I’ve lived here for 2 years, so if you wanna know a foreigner’ experience with local familiarity. Here’s the note for you!!

This post is about one of the most famous food in the word. It’s a thing you can find in your house or in a five star restaurant’s kitchen; from East to West, everyone can eat it. Well, I’m talking about Noodle. There’re many types of noodle, hundreds or thousands. But we’re on Taiwan topic, so I will talk about the one and only Beef Noodle – It is the most famous dish you must have heard when planing visit this island. I know that you can find it in any travel blog. It’s definitely a must-try food, but dont let it overwhelm other interesting noodle you can find here!

I think I can tell you some new thing about this lovely food cause I’ve tried beef noodle in most big cities around Taiwan. Overall, this Beef Noodle is soup noodle served with tender beef which must have been cooked with local herb for hours. You can find some vegetables or pickle in a bowl of noodle. The concept is pretty simple.

Beef Noodle in Yongkang Street

I’ve tried noodle in a famous noodle shop located on Yongkang street in Taipei. And the beef is super tender with a rich flavor soup. Oyster and intestine can be added if you order. I think the soup may be a little bit salty if you eat with the pickle. I’ve also tried noodle from another well-known shop located in Kaohsiung, and I have to say that I prefer the southern noodle style than the northern style. I mean I like the elegant flavor of scallion served with the noodle.

Beef Noodle in Kaohsiung

I think the note is just try and this noodle is absolutely deserved a bite! And here’re some surprises for you.

Noodle with intestine – Eating intestine may be weird in some Western countries, but it is very common in Taiwan and the best dish I’ve tried is located in Ximending night market (Taipei). Actually, it’s a soup with vermicelli eaten with intestine and herbs. You dont need chopsticks to enjoy it, just a spoon because the noodle is cut thin and short. You also can find other versions of this dish served with intestine and oyster too. For the oyster version I recommend a shop near Rainbow Village in Taichung.

And you can find that some ordinary shops can offer you noodle with not only intestine but also blood cake.

Danzai noodle – it’s the most famous food in Tainan and I swear it’s true. This Danzai noodle actually is minced pork, prawn and meatball served with noodle, you can have two versions: soup noodle or dry one. However, the dry noodle may be quite fat for some people, but you can order a boiled egg or a small bowl of fishball soup to support the flavour. The best thing is that this dish is very cheap, it’s around 70NT for a bowl.


To end for this note, I will modify Mark Wiens’ words a bit: “Having heard about the amazing night markets and the abundance of delicious food, I knew Taiwan would be a place that any food lover should visit at some point”.

















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