Taiwanese Food Note (P2): How people eat meat in night market

This is a note for food lovers and anyone wants to discover Taiwanese cuisine. I’ve lived here for 2 years, so if you wanna know a foreigner’ experience with local familiarity. Here’s the note for you!

This post is about amazing night markets. As a part of Taiwanese cuisine, food in the night market stands out as an interesting choice with full of surprises for anyone wants to experience not only flavor but also culture. Night markets can be paradise for meat lovers because there are many stalls cooking and selling an abundance of delicious meat. I will share three dishes I always try when visiting the night market.

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Firstly, I want to talk about the most ancient and favorite way to cook meat – Roast or in another word barbecue. It’s very easy to find a stall sell barbecue skewers in the night market, you can choose pork, chicken, beef or even snails or baby octopus. You also can find a whole pig roasted too. It’s simple and definitely, it’s a good way to warm up before we find more about meat here.

Food in Taiwan
Meat in Raohe market

The hidden gem of any night market is  Taiwanese Rib Casserole. This dish is very common, you can find it in all night markets around this island. Its simple look may keep it out sight from tourist, but when you close your eyes and feel its smell and taste you will understand why Taiwanese people love this dish. It’s pork ribs cooked with  water, local herb and some traditional medicines for hours until you almost can drink marrow in the bone. The ribs are immersed in a rich flavour soup which is the combination of the sweetness of licorice and the tantalizing aroma of fresh ginger. To complete the flavour, you can order rice with minced pork to eat with this dish and you will get an unforgettable meal.

But if you prefer something modern, full of energy and still Taiwanese. You can try Taiwanese steak served in a hot pan. The note for this dish is that steak is eaten with pasta and all stores will offer you free soup as an appetizer. And the soup sometime is more memorable than the main dish.

To end for this note, I just want to highlight that Night market in Taiwan is absolutely a place any meat lovers should visit!




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