Taiwanese Food Note (P3): Dessert – Sweet and Cold

This is a note for food lovers and anyone wants to discover Taiwanese cuisine. I’ve lived here for 2 years, so if you wanna know a foreigner’ experience with local familiarity. Here’s the note for you!!

This post is for you if you have a sweet tooth!

Well, You can’t have a happy holiday without dessert. That’s why I want to mention this lovely topic. In my opinion the traditional dessert style in Taiwan is quite simple and elegant so I prefer the modern dishes with ice and colour topping.

Mango shaved ice at Smoothie House, 15 Yong-kang St., Taipei City; +886 2 2321 3367


As one of the dishes recommended by CNN, Shaved ice with fresh fruit and flavorings, such as mango pieces, juice and sweet condensed milk is the best way to escape the hot, humid and stormy Taiwan summers. This dessert is sweet, cold and colorful. The best dishes are severed in Yongkang street (Taipei) or near Sun Yat Sen University ( Kaohsiung)


If you like something traditional and simple, you can try the rice cake filled with peanut and bean. The cakes are served in a bowl of ice topped with sweet sauce. A hot version can be offered, but i strongly recommend the cold version because the white smoke emitted from the ice and the feeling while it melts in your mouth. It’s like you just have a spoon of snow but sweet.

My little cakes

One more traditional thing, I notice the little cakes which you can buy in supermarket in the Mid-autumn festival. I’m not sure if they are Taiwanese moon cake, but I prefer them rather than the famous pineapple cake. You can enjoy them with a cup of tea that will give you an excellent result.

In case, you’re a big fan of green tea, I want you to note that you can find the greatest matcha ice-cream in Maokong Gondola (Taipei). I really think that the ice-cream is made from tea. I tried an matcha ice-cream in the morning and then I was awake all night. The tea flavour is very strong, the cream is soft and smooth. The plus point is that this ice-cream is friendly-Instagram, I mean you can see the small cookie topped it, make it become a lovely eatable thing. Right?!

And when we talk about tea in Taiwan, it must be an omission if bubble milk tea is not mentioned. There are thousands of milk tea shop in Taiwan. You can try tea from different brands every day. With many flavour and topping, this drink never lets you down.

In order to end the not with full of sugar, the only thing I can say is that dessert is sacred and essential to one’s wellbeing















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