Food in taiwan

Taiwanese Food Note (P4): Breakfast and night snack

This is a note for food lovers and anyone wants to discover Taiwanese cuisine. I’ve lived here for 2 years, so if you wanna know a foreigner’ experience with local familiarity. Here’s the note for you!!

This post is about little dishes fulling your stomach in the early morning or after dinner. Fortunately, all the dishes mentioned here are local specialties.

Food in taiwan
Stinky/ rotten tofu

First is the Stinky tofu. It’s just tot famous so I will quote some words about it from CNN: “This could be the world’s premier love-it-or-hate-it snack and Taiwan does it just right. The “fragrant” cube of bean curd is deep-fried and draped with sweet and spicy sauce. The smellier, the better”. You can find this dish in any market in Taiwan. Just like durian, if you can eat it, you can not resist it! And I addicted to it.

Dood in Taiwan
Dimsum in taiwan

And the second thing I note here is the inspiration in Taiwanese cuisine: Dumpling. It can have many versions of cooking and present, but the spirit of it with meat covered by a wrapper made from rice flour still remains.  In Taiwan, you can find small dumpling cooked in a hot pan or immersed in soup, or even covering soup inside which is called Xiao long bao, Those dishes are perfect for breakfast. I like the pan cooked dumpling because of its crispy crust.

Food in Taiwan

But my favorite is a mega-dumpling called Bawan. This dumpling has an almost translucent layer with meat and veggies stuffed inside and gravy poured on top. Simple but tasty!

Food in Taiwan
Oyster Omelet

If you are looking for a more interesting breakfast style, you can try Oyster Omelet. This dish got something from the sea and something from the soil. The gooey texture may impress you at the first bite.

There’re many more snacks in Taiwan, but here what I like and hope you will feel the same when trying them. The note’s ended.








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