Taiwan attractions

My day-trip from Taipei: Yeliu and seafood in Keelung

Taipei is full of attractions but if it’s not enough for you, there’s certainly no shortage of things to see and do within a few hours’ drive or less of Taipei city. In this post, I will introduce a day-trip to Keelung – a port city and Yeliu – a famous geopark in Taiwan.


At first, I just wanted to go to Yeliu to see the rocks. However, when I research for my trip, I found that I can visit Keelung and Yeliu in one day and still have plenty of time to go to night market. To get to Yeliu, you can choose to go by bus (no. 1815, it takes about 90 minutes ) from Taipei main city directly, but I went by train to stop in Keelung, then caught a bus to go to Yeliu (no.862).

If Yeiliu is always in tourist’s spotlight, Keelung is less-popular day trips. It’s hard to get much information on Keelung when researching honestly. Located 30km from Taipei City, Keelung is close to the northernmost tip of Taiwan. A port city, it has a long and complicated history and now it becomes a stop for anyone want to go to Pingxi or Shifen. From Keelung, you can take a direct bus to Ruifang train station or a bus to Jiufen. Buses go and leave near Keelung’s Maritime Plaza area, close to the train station.

Taiwan attraction
The Habor

I just visited its harbor for 30 mins but it’s enough to feel the breeze and fresh air. And as a food-lover, I noticed the night market right I arrived there ^^. I really had a good feeling about it, so that I came this nigh market after visiting Yeliu.

I got on the bus 862 to go to Yeliu and I have to say that this bus ran as a glider. I mean this bus climb in mountain road with many curves and as a passenger, you will feel your stomach was swinging in your belly. But, you know it worth when you go to the park.

I got off the bus on Yutian road, and, walk 300 meters down Gangdong Road to find the park entrance. The walk is nice, you can find a small harbor with many seafood restaurants.

Yehliu Roadmap

I paid 40NT for the entry ticket because I have a discount for students. Normally, the admission fee is as below:

Ticket Pricing for Yehliu

It’s reasonable. Right?!

Yeliu is famous for the sea-eroded scenery creating a mile-long stretch of amazing rock formations. The park has it all: awesome rocks with desert vibes, a beautiful ocean, and green hills to marvel at. The bad thing is that it’s too crowded.

The Queen head, Cute Princess and Mushroom Rocks are major attractions.

The most famous rock in the Yeilui is the one that resembles the profile of an Egyptian Queen. And some similar rocks are called Cute Princess.

Taiwan attractions

The Mushroom rocks paint quite the scene because they are large in numbers and located right on the ocean. It must have been fun to play hide and seek between rocks and explore the scenery. Another cool part about Mushroom rock is that it is directly on the Pacific Ocean. The land juts out into the ocean, so you can easily stand on the land and soak in the view.

Taiwan attractions

Unfortunately, due to the near ocean location, natural disasters can immediately destroy the rock. So, go stop by this rock while you still can!

A little bridge after Mushroom Rock is called the Sea Groove. It’s one of the most photogenic spots in the park, you will be able to see a very picturesque scene with the mountains, walkways, rock structures, and sea.

Taiwan attractions

Taiwan attractions

Taiwan attractionsTaiwan attractions

Note for Yeliu is that the wind there always show off its power and it can rain anytime. So bring your rain coast and explore this place.

After feeding my eyes with the beauty of rocks in Yeliu, I need to feed my stomach too, so I came to a local market near the entry to try some snack. I ordered a seaweed soup, oyster omelet, and kind of fish cake soup.  The seaweed is so fresh and soft while the oyster omelet is very tasty. I think I prefer this dish rather than that in the Shilin market.

Food in Taiwan
Seaweed soup

Food in Taiwan

Food in Taiwan

Then I came back to the night market near Keelung bus station called Miaokou. This market heavily focused on seafood. And you should try the famous Crab soup, sticky rice with mushroom here. It’s may look simple, but the taste is fresh. There are all kinds of water-dwelling creatures on offer at Miaokou, each fried up to perfection. 

Food in Taiwan

Food in Taiwan

Food in Taiwan

Food in TaiwanFood in Taiwan

But what impressed me the most about this market is its layout.  It’s slightly different to other markets in Taipei. The main passageway is lined with tables and little sit-down restaurants so you can observe food preparation and people eating, which is great for photos.

Market in TaiwanMarket in Taiwan

It’s just so easy to go and it’s pretty cool. So why don’t you visit there?!



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