Food in Tokyo

Note for food in Tokyo (P2): The classic snacks

While I’m not really fir with savory food in Tokyo (as I mentioned in my last post ), I totally fall in love with snacks here.

Must-try Mochi

Mochi has been very popular all over the world. And I am sure you see many sweets or dishes that use Mochi nowadays. Mochi is a Japanese dish with a uniquely soft, squishy and chewy texture, which is made from a kind of glutinous rice. It captures the pure and simple taste of rice.

Food in Tokyo
Sakura mochi

I stayed in Tokyo in sakura blossom season so I tried the pinky sakura mochi. It’s gorgeous, pink and if you truly have a good nose, you can find the light and sweet smell of red bean and something like flower, I guess. With just 150 yen you can get a mochi from the convenient store, or if you want something fresher you can buy them in the subway station or in the street as well. They even offer mochi with ice cream or strawberries, but I still stick with the traditional red bean mochi.

Food in Tokyo
Sakura mochi from Lawson

The funny thing is that I wondered should I eat the leaf too. I mean really. And then when I tasted it with a high expectation, I realized it was a stupid idea. No disrespect. But it’s flavor quite weir for me.

Food in Tokyo
Skew of mochi

If sweet mochi is too ordinary for you, I suggest you should try the mochi skew I got in Shinjuku station. It’s a simple street food but definitely make you surprise. There are three pice of mochi in a skew, topped with sesame and coved by a brown sauce. This secret sauce may look like brown sugar-made which make you think of sweetness, but actually it more like takoyaki sauce but sweeter. I was very surprised when I taste this combination of saltiness and sweetness.

Other classic snacks

Food in Tokyo
Tokyo Banana

Tokyo Banana is a sponge cake with banana custard cream filling. The banana custard is made from strained banana puree. It is a super popular souvenir sweet, and has been on sale in Japan for almost 30 years since 1991. you can find it at the airport or in any subway station in Tokyo. The sponge is really very soft and the banana filling is not too sweet. The cake is not oily at all and it feels like heaven in your mouth. The banana taste is not too strong but just right for me. 

Food in Tokyo

I found this pancake near Sensoji temple. The pancake (as they call) is unique because it’s served in skew and stuffed with corn and carrot. It gave me more the Korean vibe than Japanese with a lot of mayonnaise, but who’s care this one is tasty and make you full.

Food in Tokyo

One more dish topped by mayonnaise but still keeping its Japanese spirit is Takoyaki – the ball-shaped Japanese snack made of a wheat flour-based batter and cooked in a special molded pan. It is typically filled with minced or diced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green. I used to try takoyaki in Taiwan, and it’s hard to compare Taiwanese and Japanese version. If you like something chewy and sweet a bit, go to Taiwan. But if you want to discover Japanese original flavor, try takoyaki in Tokyo.

As I mentioned in my last post, the takoyaki here has crunchy cover and stuffed with octopus inside. Even though the strong flavor sauce was a bit salty for me, I still enjoyed this dish. Where can be better to taste takoyaki than Japan?

That’s my great memories with snack in Tokyo, I’ll see you next time for more food!

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