Anna Ha’s Portfolio


My English name is Anna and I have about 2 years of marketing experience in the field of education and fashion. You are reading my portfolio and I will tell you about my work.


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I always believe that there is no secret to success, it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. Therefore, as a marketer, I try to train myself in real situations.

What has I done in the last 2 years ?!

In the last 2 years, I have worked as a blogger, freelancer, and assistant. I participated in creating marketing content: Web content, Blog to Social content and offline marketing content (brochure, poster).

MBA Department, Chang Gung University (Taiwan): 2017-2018

The MBA Department of Chang Gung University operates independently in promotion and recruitment. I build a concept which focuses on sharing useful information and students’ experience. I also supported developing concepts, graphics, and layout for Website and marketing materials (including brochure, poster). Moreover, I managed Fanpage and ensured that the page can provide up-to-date information (a FB photo below as an example and please check the links for other works). With offline activities, I was in charge of communicating with students and alumni.

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What I’ve learned from this project

  1. Learning and modifying: For example, to develop the website layout, I had to research other school websites to learn what layout and information displayed and then I try to align the unique points of CGU  with visual content to present information to make it clear.
  2. Teamwork: Because I worked with a Taiwanese designer (and his English is not good), language became a huge barrier.  To let him understands my ideas, I  gave him specific examples of what I want to express.

Blog cá nhân: Anna Ha’s notebook

Topic: Travel, Study in Taiwan
Time: 2017 up to now
Languages: Vietnamese & English

This is my personal blog built to share my experiences. Lucky me, I had the opportunity to cooperate with KKday Blog (link post), Taiwan Visa Service (link post).


Thank you for reading until here!

Overall, I can say that I have done and learned many things from real situations and other people. I believe that there are many things I do not good but I can improve because practice makes perfect.

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